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American Mahjong

American Mahjong is a form of Mahjong as standardized by the National Mah Jongg League and the American Mah-Jongg Association.

To win at American Mahjong, a player must put together a complete hand which contains combinations of three of a kind ("pung"), four of a kind ("kung"), five of a kind ("quint") or two of a kind ("pairs"). The hand should have a total of 14 pieces.

American Mahjong differs from other Mahjong variations in the following ways:

  • use of Joker tiles
  • Charleston Rule
  • melds of five or more tiles (quints and sextets)
  • doesn't us the "Chow"
  • use of Standard Hands card which are changed annually

Mahjong purists claim that these differences make American Mahjong a separate game altogether. In addition, the NMJL and AMJA variations, which differ by minor scoring differences, are commonly referred to as Mahjongg or Mah-jongg (with two Gs, often hyphenated).

Though vastly different from other variations, American Mahjong still involves four players and requires a lot of skill.

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